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3D Nails

3D nail art is the process of creating three-dimensional artwork on the fingernails. Typically, the 3D design is created on acrylic, or fake, nails, which are then applied over the wearer’s fingernails. To create the designs, the artist adds colored acrylic to a mold using a paintbrush and waits for it to harden. Once the acrylic dries and hardens, the artist removes the 3D nail art from the mold and glues it to the fake fingernails. Flowers are one of the most common 3D nail art creations. The petals and leaves stick up from the surface of the nail for a dramatic look. Nail art is popular not only for beauty, but for formal occasions such as a wedding. Non-acrylic 3D nail art options include gemstones and other materials small enough to glue onto the nails. When designing nail art, the artist starts with a colored background on the nail itself. This can be as simple as a clear coating for shine or a colorful coating with glitter for extra sparkle. The nail art is added on top using a small amount of clear adhesive. Often, the 3D nail art is colorful and can be painted over with a clear or glitter top-coat of nail polish